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WB Equipment Consulting Services

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WB Equipment specializes in supplying custom hydraulic and pneumatic systems for industry and construction needs. With expertise in synchronous and simultaneous jacking systems, our rentals facilitate tasks like bridge raising, rolling, and weighing, as well as pipe jacking, pile testing, and house moving. We offer solutions for bridge replacement, rehabilitation, and more.

Bridge Raising & Lowering : Bridge Replacement: Bridge Roll-Ins : Bridge Weighing

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

WB Equipment is a specialized equipment supplier to industry and construction, with emphasis on custom hydraulic and pneumatic system sales and rentals.

These systems are used mainly to jack, hoist, lift or move any type of structure. Applications include bridge raising, bridge rolling, pipe jacking, pile testing, pre-stressing post tensioning, house moving and foundation repair and underpinning.

We specialize in both Synchronous and Simultaneous Jacking Systems.


Bridge Raising & Lowering

Precise lifting and positioning are crucial during bridge and highway construction. While cranes are the mainstay of many projects, in some cases the use of a crane is impractical or simply too expensive, especially due to the extensive transportation logistics required to get all crane parts to the construction site.

Various alternative lifting systems exist and are proving increasingly efficient, these include:

Hydraulic Strand Jacks: Compact, easy to transport, and powerful enough to lift loads of over 3,000 tonnes without difficulty.

Hydraulic Gantries: Using four or more telescopic legs and beams that allow heavy loads to be lifted vertically, and along a track when required.

Jack-Up Systems: Lifting loads in successive stages using spacers, called “barrels”, stacked together to form lifting towers t0 mechanically support the load.

WB Equipment Consulting Services

Custom hydraulic systems to raise or lower any type of structure. Give our engineers a call to discuss your applications.

Whether it’s bridge replacement or bridge rehabilitation we have the right system to do the job.

Tasks such as bearing replacement, stressing cables and beam replacement are made much easier when using the right jacking system.

Synchronous or Simultaneous, Short Stroke or Long Stroke, Low Height or Locknut – we have the right jacking system to perform the task at hand.

Bridge Replacement

Bridge rehabilitation and strengthening are critical for maintaining bridge integrity and functionality. Whether due to aging, deterioration, or design flaws, neglecting rehabilitation can lead to safety hazards, decreased efficiency, and increased repair costs. By addressing structural deficiencies and enhancing load-carrying capacity, authorities can extend bridge lifespan, optimize functionality, and mitigate safety risks, safeguarding infrastructure assets and ensuring public safety and economic stability.

Whether it be Bridge Rehabilitation or Complete Bridge Replacement, we have the right jacking system to perform the task at hand.

  • Neglecting bridge rehabilitation poses significant risks, including safety hazards, decreased efficiency, and costly repairs.
  • Closure may disrupt traffic and tourism, jeopardizing historical and aesthetic value.
  • In dire cases, structural integrity may be compromised, leading to partial or complete collapse, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive maintenance measures.
The Virginia Street Bridge
WB Equipment Consulting Services

The iconic Reno landmark, the Virginia Street Bridge (VSB), has undergone a complete transformation. There, for over 100 years the VSB quietly stayed the same, carrying residents and visitors into the heart of the Biggest Little City while Reno grew and changed around it.  

Well past its service life, the bridge’s historical status gave way to safety and flood-control concerns.

A new bridge was set to replace the older structure to ensure public safety, improve travel for pedestrians across the bridge and also make improvements to the Truckee River’s flood capacity.

The Virginia Street Bridge project included demolition of the former bridge, an earth-filled, reinforced concrete, dual-arch structure spanning the Truckee River, and the construction of a new, reinforced concrete, rigid frame, bowstring truss bridge. The project also added a river access plaza adjacent to the main City Plaza to increase recreational use of the Truckee River.

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